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About Ex Pat

Ex Pat is a scripted comedy podcast about Patsy Santos and Eoin McClellan, two people from different cultures and countries who fall in love and have to figure it out despite - or maybe because of - their differences.

It's a romantic comedy that celebrates the craziness and quirkiness of Filipino American and Irish cultures, but it doesn't follow a traditional rom-com format. Instead of asking "Will they get together?" it focuses on "How do they make it work?"

It's a show for anyone who's in love, been in love, wants to be in love, or loves being different.

Set in present day Los Angeles, it also brings some Midwestern charm and Irish humor as we follow the misadventures of Patsy and Eoin, their friends, coworkers and families.

The Production

Ex Pat (Season 1) debuted March 17, 2020. An additional run of five minisodes (Season 1.5) was released June 2020.

Cast and Crew


Ex Pat is written by Rachanee Lumayno ( and is produced by Miss Lana Productions. 


Season 1 is directed and co-produced by Amanda Sonnenschein.

Season 1.5 is directed by Rachanee Lumayno.


Season 1 recording engineer is Zack Dusedau.

Patsy Santos is voiced by Rachanee Lumayno

Eoin McClellan is voiced by Mark McClain Wilson.

Johanna is voiced by Emma Lieberman.

Alyssa is voiced by Paula Deming.

Kristoff is voiced by Jerry Fischer.

Peter is voiced by Derek Petropolis.

Devon and Colm are voiced by Kurt Andrew Hansen.

Mrs. Santos, Niamh and Aoife are voiced by Samantha Herrera.

Clary and Bianca Benson are voiced by Kathryn Kalucki.

Additional voices provided by Paula Deming, Jerry Fischer, Derek Petropolis, Kurt Andrew Hansen, and Samantha Herrera.

Art by Amanda Sonnenschein.

Accent coaching by Michael Lynch.

The Creator

Ex Pat was created by, written by and co-produced by Rachanee Lumayno, who also voices the Filipino-American character Patsy Santos.

An actress, writer, VO artist and producer, Rachanee was inspired to write Ex Pat when she got engaged to her own real-life Irishman. Their cultural differences created an ongoing source of comedy during their engagement and subsequent marriage. But in spite of those differences, love transcends any culture, language, or worldview, and that is the central theme of Ex Pat. 


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Listen to Ex Pat directly from the website, or subscribe and listen to the show on most podcast platforms, such as ITunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Episodes are also released on YouTube.

Subscribers can also support Ex Pat on Patreon ( access special episodes, interviews, and other Patreon-only goodies.


Ex Pat debuted March 17, 2020. Season 1, which contains six episodes, was released weekly. An additional five minisodes are being released weekly in June 2020.

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